MerryMarry is coming up with new features in its 1.2 Version!

We’re really excited to announce that MerryMarry has come up with new features in its 1.2 version! We’ve been actively listening to your feedback, and came up with a few key features we improved upon!

Here’s what’s new:

- Invitation TItle
We’ve made your wedding invitation design much simpler, and beautiful.

- Contents creation design/Wedding story tag lines
We simplified the way you create contents. Now there are two ways to give your : Photos and congratulations messages.

We set new tag lines as “Moment(No tag), Proposal, Engagement, Party, Wedding Day, and Honeymoon.”

With each photo, you can select what this photo is about, and MerryMarry will make it into a beautiful wedding story for you.

- Google Map view of wedding location
Finding the way to the location of the wedding venue has never been easier! With our new Google map view, you may search for the location, and when you click on the map it expands, allowing guests to find the way much easily.

- Photo saving function
Have your guests uploaded so many beautiful photos that you want to own them in your personal smartphone?

Now you can save your wedding photos to your phone. Tap on the photo for 2 seconds, and a message saying “save photo” will appear.

Introducing MerryMarry

It all started with Jay and his fiancé.

One day our team sat around the table for dinner. Jay, our dearest friend and lead engineer, told us he was getting married. We congratulated him on the success of his proposal and we decided to help him with whatever he needed.

Fast forward three months.

Jay was struggling with his wedding website. It was difficult to keep track of who was coming, keep everyone updated on details, and most importantly, he was worried about the photos. Having been to many weddings before, we completely understood that the photos guests took at the wedding rarely ever got shared – most of them sat in each person’s phones and was forgotten, only to be found years later, then forgotten again.

A wedding is the day where your closest people you have met throughout your life come together. It is also the day where you end a phase of your life, and start another one.  A start of a new family. New household. A step towards becoming a mom, dad, and also becoming part of a new family – your fiancé’s family.

You should have a lot of fun planning it. You want to engage your besties to congratulate you, give you advice on which dress looks gorgeous, chat about the little details of your bouquet, to sharing photos on the actual day of your wedding.

And still.. There wasn’t an actual place to really do that.

So we built MerryMarry.

With MerryMarry, you can create your own wedding story – send invitations, make announcements, post photos or text, and have guests capture special moments of your wedding and share them all together in one place.

Congratulations with making the audacious leap. Marriage – It must have taken a lot of courage to decide, and at the same time it’s simply a magical experience bursting with happiness.

Capture those moments forever. Let your guests participate by inviting them to your wedding story.

Let us be part of your gorgeous day.


To your happy marriage,

The MerryMarry team.


MerryMarry is on the app store, and just launched on Android today! What’s more, it’s free!

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